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Our bi-fold doors come with a wide range of options from insulated panels for heated shops, to translucent panels to let in light, as weell as windows and walk in doors. All our doors come with a push button system that will open and close door with one touch of a button. Doors can also be installed with a remote so door can be opened and closed from outside the building. Doors come with a self-sustaining frame to remove load that would otherwise be put on your building. Doors are also equipped with a latching system to ensure door seals properly. Our standard door can be built up to 50' wide and up to 40' high. Doors larger than specified will require extra design time. 
Control system frame door open2 roller chain

The motor and gear reduction drive are mounted 18" or more above the floor on the side of the door for easy maintenance.  The  eletric brake on the motor allows you to stop your door at  any height you want. The motors are  available in 3/4 h.p. up to 2 h.p. depending on the door size. Large doors are available with dual 2 h.p.

rRoth Bi-fold Doors employ a steel bridge design. The 4'' x 4'' tubular steel bridge is used to support the door. The door is self-supporting, therefore, it takes all the pressure off the building, and prevents sagging. The door seals true against the framework and your level floor pad, keeping out rain and snow.

The low profile design has the latch  set close to the pivot point. The  design allows you  to open the door wider, giving you maximum room to bring in big equipment. You get more opening out of the height of  your building.

#50 heavy-duty roller chain comes standard to ensure safe and reliable operation.

 switch electric lockout  cable 

24-volt system mounts at any handy location inside the building near the door. Normally conduit is not required(depending on local codes), which allows pre-wiring and flexible cable on the building frame. For safety purpose, you must push the "stop" button before changing door direction. You can start or stop the door at any height. It comes factory-wired for 110-volts on 1 hp doors; 220-volts on 1.5 hp& 2 hp doors.

The electric lockout will be activated when the latch is closed, which protects the door from being damaged by opening with the latch closed.

Lift cables are 1/4 inch diameter galvanized steel high-strength aircraft cable with a 5 to 1 safety factor. The cables are secured to top rail of the door and wrap around large diameter drums on the full-width drive shaft as the door rises.

latch  hinge  wire 

Rack and Pinion latch provides smooth operation, easy closing and a tight seal.

 Heavy-duty greasable hinges are welded on the top and center pivot points of the door. Hinges are fabricated with 3/4 inch diameter pins.

Our doors arrive fully wired and factory tested. The electrical enclosure with circuit breaker is conveniently located on door, wired to customers voltage requirements.